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Indoor air quality is an important component of the green building initiative and its emphasis on healthy living.  There are many new products that promote improved indoor air quality with features that focus on filtration and humidity control.  One area of the home where air quality can easily be improved is the bathroom.

Building codes require that every bathroom have either an operable window or an exhaust fan vented to the outside.  In most cases we find at least one exhaust fan in every bathroom, but unfortunately they are seldom used as intended.  Whether merely forgotten, or deliberately avoided because they are too noisy, bath exhaust fans are typically operated far less frequently than good air quality would require.  By not using a bath exhaust fan as intended, bathrooms can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  One solution is to specify a humidity sensing exhaust fan for the bath.

Priced at over $200, a humidity sensing exhaust fan can be more than twice the cost of an entry level fan, but it operates more quietly and removes the unreliable human element from the equation.  As the name implies the fan is activated by a humidity sensor that turns the fan on when an elevated humidity level is detected and runs the fan until the humidity is reduced to the ideal level.  Removing the high humidity from the bathroom, especially after bathing, reduces the propagation of mold and mildew and makes cleaning maintenance less arduous.  By reducing the need for powerful cleaning agents with their harmful fumes, not only will you extend the longevity your bath finishes, but you will greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home.

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