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Aurora Custom Remodeling has noticed a significant increase in the number of requests from homeowners desiring to make better use of their home's existing square footage.  We have found in today's difficult economic times, many families seeking additional space are unable to sell their existing home in order to purchase a larger more function one.  As a result, Aurora has been able to work hand in hand with our clients to successfully remodel their existing spaces in a way that achieves the maximum utilization of their space.

When faced with the need to create space for a particular family activity, whether it be a making a primary room larger or dedicating space for a specific hobby or task, many homeowners immediately feel the need to "add" a room to their home.  While a standard addition may be the most logical solution, it is not always the most cost effective or transformative option.

art studio

The evolution of life circumstances is always changing the dynamics of the traditional home layout:

  • Teenagers go off to college, leaving an "empty nest" situation;
  • Married couples in their 50's are rediscovering their desire for inter-active hobbies, daily exercise, and renewed social entertaining at home;
  • Unemployed college graduates are forced to move back into their parent's home while seeking employment;
  • Young families struggling to make ends meet are sharing space with parents;
  • Older adults, having lost a life-long spouse, are moving in with their grown children;
  • Grandparents are forced to become full time babysitters to allow young parents to have two incomes.

TV Room

Aurora Custom Remodeling will typically meet with a customer to discuss their perceived needs and explore the various options for accommodating their situation.  Many times, after asking how the family currently uses their home, we find that one or more existing rooms go virtually unused from week to week.  So the question arises, "Can you better utilize the existing unused spaces of your home by converting them into the extra functional space you desire?"

Examples of some of the most frequently requested improvements are: game rooms, home theater spaces, art studios, exercise rooms and child care spaces.  In these situations, secondary bedrooms are usually the most convenient for achieving these minor adaptations.  While, under-utilized living rooms and even portions of covered porches can provide even more space to accommodate the larger functional transformations.

Home Theater

On a recent visit to the home of a new customer, we learned that this couple in their 60's needed to better accommodate the daily activity of babysitting their grandchildren while the parents were away at work.  Finding a safe area for the children to play while maintaining visual contact with them was paramount.  The client immediately assumed that they needed to add a 2nd floor playroom.

craft room

Upon further study, Aurora was able to recommend transforming the small family room off the kitchen into a highly visible play area, while converting the large unused living room into a sizable great room to better handle the space needed for adult social gatherings.  The combination of maximizing their existing spaces according to their needs and realizing the significant cost savings over the originally suggested room addition resulted in our customer's ability to receive the most elegant, functional and valuable remodel possible.

Therefore, when contemplating a way to better utilize your existing space, look to Aurora Custom Remodeling for expertise advice in exploring all of your available options and to discuss cost saving alternatives.

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