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Pre-Construction Services

Aurora Custom Remodeling Offers Unique Pre-Construction Services





The company's "pre-construction" services are what set it apart from other remodeling businesses. Prior to commencing any project, the Aurora Custom Remodeling team conducts a feasibility study of the home, which includes a discussion of the targeted budget, an evaluation of the desired materials, a review of the site plan and its restrictions, and the recording of field measurements. Once the study is complete, Aurora Custom Remodeling creates a scope of work that details the project in its entirety, including demolition procedures, material storage details, descriptions of fixtures and finishes, and the company's projected timeline to eliminate any misunderstandings and to set realistic expectations.

Aurora Custom Remodeling wants to make sure every homeowner knows what to expect when it comes time to renovate their home. Too often clients come with completed plans, yet without a clear understanding of how the finished product will look. That's why Aurora Custom Remodeling takes the time review every detail to ensure the homeowner understands and agrees with the impending changes.

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