Elegance in Every Detail


Aurora Builders is recognized as a leader in the high-end custom home arena, building homes of “Uncompromised Elegance.”


Our niche market includes clients who desire to have their dream homes designed and built as a long-term investment for the future.


For the owner who is very particular about quality materials, custom installations, low maintenance, high performance, and new technology, building with Aurora is the logical choice.


Mature Adults

We cater to mature adults who have enjoyed a successful business career and wish to build a significant home with fine appointments and all the elements of comfort.


They are empty nesters who plan to entertain friends and provide ample space for their grown children and young grandchildren to visit.

Young Families

Many young families want to settle into a community with a strong emphasis on education and youth athletic programs.


These families wish to build a custom home that will meet the needs of their growing families for many years to come.

 Aurora High Performance Homes

Aurora Builders constructs only high performance homes utilizing the latest in energy efficiency and sound building techniques. Our homes meet and exceed the structural requirements of the hurricane code for coastal construction.


We utilize advanced building methods to block air infiltration and water penetration, while focusing on the integrity of the exterior wall to withstand the harmful effects of weather and the environment.


We stay informed about the latest advances in technology and materials to provide long term solutions for operating the home in the most efficient way.


Aurora has experience with solar energy and photo-voltaic installations, geothermal technology, energy optimization and stored energy units.


Nearly all of our homes incorporate some degree of home automation to control cooling and heating units, lighting controls, security systems and audio/video devices.

  • Energy Efficiency Home 100% 100%
  • Sound Building Techniques 100% 100%
  • Weather Effects Resistant 100% 100%

Strength and Beauty

Aurora understands a homeowner’s desire to maximize the enjoyment of their home, while minimizing its upkeep. We use sustainable building products with durable finishes as a low maintenance solution.


We consider the location and orientation of the home when choosing materials suitable for each environment.


We construct homes according to the owner’s unique preferences and budget, incorporating wood framed construction, concrete block, and insulated concrete forms (ICF).


Our luxurious custom homes can be found near the ocean, the St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Waterway, in gated communities, and on estate lots throughout Jacksonville.

We Offer Design Assistance To Match Your Home To Your Lifestyle

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