Creativity and Skill

While it is true that architects design homes and contractors build them, we believe that the most successful endeavors occur when the team approach is chosen.


Aurora Builders strongly encourages our clients to explore the benefits of blending the creativity and skillful detailing of the architect with the deep expertise and logistical input of the contractor during the plan design.


When the interior designer and landscape architect are added to the mix, the result is a well-conceived plan that addresses site orientation, lifestyle design, sound building practices, and creative solutions.

In years past, the standard procedure for having a custom home designed was for an owner to choose an architect. They would have a house designed with all of the space and features they desired, and then choose the latest materials and trendy installations.


After soliciting competitive bids from three or four contractors, they would be shocked to learn that the bids came back well over budget.The owner would be left with no other alternative but to cut back the square footage and change the material preferences in order to build within budget.

Aurora Builders believes there is a much better way to plan for a new custom home.

We encourage our prospective clients to first interview several contractors and then choose the one they feel is most qualified to work on their project.


They have the contractor select a reputable architect and utilize the expertise of both professionals throughout the design process. In this way, the budget is discussed upfront.


The contractor advises the client and the architect whenever a decision is made, or a material is chosen, which challenges the ability to stay within the owner’s budget.

Aurora Builders’ commitment to serving just a handful of customers each year provides us ample time to participate throughout the design process.


We lend our expertise to value engineering the home by suggesting alternative materials and cost-effective installations and deliver quality finishes within the owner’s desired budget.

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