Green Building

Aurora Builders Leads the Way in Sustainable Green Building Design

Green building describes the conscious effort to consider protection of the environment and the health of the occupants when constructing or improving a dwelling.

Aurora Builders is the leader when it comes to advising our customers on ways in which they can be energy efficient with their new home or home improvement. We believe in being environmentally sensitive and mindful of the impact of our material choices on our limited natural resources.

Aurora Builders incorporates Green Building initiatives to address energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, water conservation, a reduced demand on our natural resources and protection of the environment.

Some of the strategies we often suggest to our customers include the following green building materials and initiatives:

-Improved Indoor Air Quality
-Energy Efficiency
-Protecting the Environment
-Minimal Use of Natural Resources
-Water Conservation

Having earned the designation of Certified Green Professional (CGP) from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Aurora team stays current with the latest eco-friendly products and installations to advise clients in choosing solutions for a healthier environment within the home.

Energy-efficient initiatives include expandable spray foam insulation to seal and condition the attic, low-E tinted windows to lessen the heat transmission into the home, dual-speed air handlers to run more efficiently at lower speeds, L.E.D. lights which illuminate using lower wattage, and tankless water heaters that only power up on demand.

Improved indoor air quality is a concern for all homeowners, so Aurora Builders strives to create a healthy living environment. We use low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) materials which emit lower levels of gasses into the home from everyday materials such as paints, sealants, cabinets, and flooring products. Advanced allergen filters control dust particles and pollutants, while dehumidification devices manage the humidity within the home.

Aurora recognizes the importance of providing accommodations to allow owners to age-in-place in the comfort of their own home.

Energy Efficient

Aurora Builders recognizes the importance of building energy-efficient homes and the impact we can make on reducing the net operating cost of a home.



Aurora Builders is prepared to meet the needs of the aging population. Many hope to stay in their current home as long, and as comfortably, as possible.


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