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Aurora Builders operates within a tight geographical area of the Jacksonville Beaches in order to spend more quality time on a limited number of renovation projects.


We focus on three distinct areas of remodeling: expanding the size of a home for better functionality; replacing the interior fit and finish of an older home with materials more in tune with the latest trends and performing complete exterior makeovers to enhance street appeal.



Many clients purchase older homes in an established neighborhood and desire to update the floor plan, while replacing outdated exterior finishes.


We meet with growing families who wish to remain in their current neighborhood and need to expand the size of their home.


We provide solutions for families who take in an older parent and wish to accommodate them in a safe and secure environment.


We cater to empty nesters who desire to entertain more by creating open floor plans that naturally flow into new outdoor spaces.


Aurora Builders differs significantly from most other remodelers in our approach to project management. The typical home improvement company provides a job foreman and crew on each project to perform the majority of the tasks required.


The same expert carpenters handle a myriad of other installations, including windows, insulation, drywall, painting, cabinetry, and flooring. Apparently they are “Jacks of all trades,” but only masters of one.


We believe in providing expert project management through the use of an on-site superintendent who oversees scheduling, job site supervision, the delivery and storage of material, and overall quality control. We subcontract out all phases of construction to companies who excel in their own specific trades. In this way, we insure the very best in quality finishes, while focusing our attention solely on project management and accountability.

  • Project Management 100% 100%
  • Job Site Supervision 100% 100%
  • Quality Control 100% 100%

Fixed Price Contract

Another unique aspect of Aurora Builders is our ability to deliver a fixed price contract to the homeowner.


While the remodeling industry typically operates on a cost-plus contract basis, we believe the burden of risk should be with the contractor, not the owner.


In a cost-plus contract, the owner pays for extra or damaged material, labor increases, theft, poor workmanship, and extended time under construction. By offering a fixed price contract to our clients, Aurora assumes the financial liability for cost overruns and delays. This ensures our projects are delivered on time and on budget.



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